Private Swimming Lessons

Available for Kids and Adults

Private Swimming Lessons are available at the Swim School for those children that need a little extra attention or require some “one on one” time with an instructor to help them get started.

Quick tip – Be prepared! Be positive and encouraging. Learning to swim can make young students a little anxious or upset. It is important to be positive and encourage your child no matter what the initial outcome.

Private Lessons are typically for children that are a little timid, have had a previous negative experience in and around water, or are over 3-4years of age and never had swimming lessons before.

Some families will also book their own teacher for private lessons each and every week – which works great, when siblings are close in ability and age.

Private Lesson classes are 30 minutes in duration and are usually conducted at the beginning and at the end of the regular class times.

Call the swim school on 49 54 9900 to enquire about available times.

Whilst we have a message machine, the best times to phone us for new bookings are between 830am-12pm and 3pm to 6pm.