Parent and Child Lessons

We conduct one of the most popular Parent and Child class levels within the region. This lesson level at the Swim School is in very high demand for almost nine months of the year on most days of the week.

Our team of “Parent and Child” teachers are either parents themselves and/or have extensive swimming teaching experience.

Like all levels at the Swim School, no floatation aids like “back bubbles” or “arm floats” are used to teach your little one to save themselves in the aquatic environment. Remember, rarely will infants and toddlers fall into a body of water unexpectedly with flotation aids on.

It makes perfect sense to attend swimming lessons for this level without using floatation aids.

In this level, it is the parent or caregiver that becomes the “teacher” of their own child. Therefore, your child’s progress at this level is determined by how much enthusiasm and energy you bring into the class for your child. Quick tip – Be prepared to get wet! It’s hard to teach your child water confidence if they sense their Mum/Dad or caregiver doesn’t like getting their hair wet or going under water.

The outcome for this level, is that your child is able to swim to save themselves for a distance of at least 3m to 5m unaided – and along with some other set skill requirements, they must be able to jump into deep water off a step and turn around and swim back to the side – also unassisted and unaided. When they can achieve these skills - they are ready for the next level – The “Starfish” pre-school program.

We call this level our AQUAPLAY program, and have classes running from 830am to 12pm every 30 minutes Monday to Sunday (times vary depending on the day), we also offer evening classes,
these classes would usually start after 4:30 pm. Call today to find our vacant times.


Call the swim school on 49 54 9900. Whilst we have a message machine, the best times to phone us for new bookings are between 830am-12pm and 3pm to 6pm.